Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Lodge at Maddox

Here's just a quick photo of The Lodge at Maddox. This is where the reunion will be held. Here's a link to their website if your interested in seeing it . Kami also wanted me to let you know that the music is a performer that plays his guitar, not an actual band. He sounds great! I hope you are all getting excited about the reunion. Hope to see you there!


  1. Im excited! I hope lots will come!

  2. I just wonder what the cost was going to be. And if you desided what the dress is going to be.
    Sondra Nelson ( ryan nelsons wife)
    This is are blog address.

  3. Thanks Sondra, your now up on our site! I think we decided to 'come in what you think is dressed nice' that could mean different things to different people. We just want people to come. I don't think there is a set price yet but it will be between 45 and 50.