Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thoughts to Fellow BRHS Classmates of 1989

On our way back from central Utah Saturday, my husband and I had a conversation about group dynamics and demographics. We were driving home from his small hometown's 24th of July celebration. It was fun. Lots of visiting, laughing, eating, and dancing. The potluck furnished by the local town's people was what I call 'Mormon food': potato salad, different colors of jello salad, macaroni salad, fruit salad, and a few other things. Good stuff, and there wasn't a morsel left at the end. The town residents' extended families still come back to take part in the festivities and many more attended than actually live in the town. We felt a strong sense of community...togetherness.

I didn't grow up that way. It all seems a little too close to me, but it's sweet when people are with others who love and accept them, who they have something in common with, and I can see why they all like it. I was an accessory in the concert planning this year and it was fun to see it come together and to see that people were having fun because of what was done. There's my sense of togetherness...staying backstage but having a hand in it. My husband calls me a 'social anti-social'.

Then we talked about how we've noticed a lack of community togetherness in the area we live in....which led to discussion about my class reunion in August. The Bear River High School class of 1989 twentieth reunion on August 21st and 22nd. A milestone.

Recently I've heard comments like "I'm not going because I'm too fat" (that would be mine), "I don't make enough money/drive a nice enough car" (that fits me too), "I don't want to go alone", "I already keep in touch with the people I care about", and other excuses one can find not to participate in something that should create a feeling of warmth and togetherness. So I am saddened at the negative response to something that is meant to create happiness and positivity for those who are and should be involved.

Granted, the reunion might validly interfere with important events that cannot be missed, but why after 20 years of post high-school life, would we look for excuses not to embrace common ground, life experience, joys and sorrows, wins and losses, and reminisce about tender times with people we have a lot in common with. Why are we hard enough on ourselves that we don't allow relationships to grow because of petty things? Does everyone but me already have too much fun and quality time spent with friends? In my humble yet selfish opinion, you are all worth it. You mean something to me and I want to see all of you. Don't mind that I've recently gained 10 pounds because my Thyroid gland went berserk or that I drive a Pontiac Vibe with almost 100,000 miles on it. I like my car, and I really don't care about weight.

So this is my plea to everyone who doesn't care about it: you belong to a group of people that is getting together TWICE for YOU, and really wants you (please take this personally) to come and catch up with us and your old friends! We aren't doing it for a status update. It is because we spent four very important years of our lives very close together and after marriages, babies, divorces, graduations, illnesses, etc., we want, and want you to feel this sense of community togetherness--you mean something to this group. Don't discount yourselves.

Tammie, Crista, Larry, Becky, Suzanne, Lori, and I alll genuinely want to see everyone for who they are...the person, not the status, the weight, or any of that 'other stuff'. I think those that are coming look forward to catching up on some life with old friends, and laughing a lot. It's going to be memorable and fun......with great food and entertainment.

If you've sent in your registration, THANK YOU! We are super-excited to see you! If you haven't, the deadline was July 15th, but I don't need to confirm with Maddox until about the 7th of August, so HURRY! Email me if you need another invitation or information sent to you. This is not meant to induce guilty feelings...if you can't come, you can't come, and no hassling is intended, but if you are teetering please give it a shot! We look so forward to seeing you! Thanks for reading come and get your payoff!

Love to all of you,
Kami King Robins

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Lodge at Maddox

Here's just a quick photo of The Lodge at Maddox. This is where the reunion will be held. Here's a link to their website if your interested in seeing it . Kami also wanted me to let you know that the music is a performer that plays his guitar, not an actual band. He sounds great! I hope you are all getting excited about the reunion. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Reunion Update

The Friday night portion of the reunion has now been confirmed at The Lodge at Maddox! YUM!! It will be at 6pm until they kick us out I suppose! Kami has also booked us a live band for that night. An up and coming rock/country music artist, Zayn Jones. It sounds really exciting. This should be a great night!!!
I am a little disappointed that this website has only 6 followers (also the only ones with blogs sent in) and only about 23 people have submitted their questionaires!! I hope traffic starts to pick up soon! Please keep passing the word around and lets see if we can get a few more!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reunion Questionaire

We want for this reunion to be so exciting!! Tell us just a little about you, take a second and fill out our form. Thanks!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Blog

Ok so this is the thing...I am sure there are more than a few of you out there who love to blog!!! This years 20th reunion committee has decided a Class Blog would be alot of fun! We will post updates to let you know whats going on with the reunion, but mostly we want to have a running list of Class Blogs. On the side of the blog I will be posting all of the links to those in our class that have a blog and would like to share it with others in our class. Some of you out there have private blogs...send those if you'd like and I'll put an email address with it so if someone from our class wants to read it they can contact you and you can ok them if you'd like. Or if you want to send me a short profile and a picture of you or your family and I will just post it as a new entry.
When I do something the 'hard way' and my husband doesn't like the way I am doing it he'll look at me and say "Um, I know a better way!" I am ok with that. I am no computer guru so if anyone else is, and thinks they can do this a better way, let me know and you can go for it. Initially I wanted to set up a site that had our senior class pictures and you could click on the link and it would take you to a page about that persons life now. But I am getting a late start and I am not sure I could get that many profiles and I don't really know how to do that. SO, this is what I know how to do so this is the course we're on!